Курс IP Office Technical Basic Implementation Workshop

Код: 4S00004I

Продолжительность курса

40 Академических часов

The purpose of this course is to provide implementation associates with the skills they need to install, administer and manage the implementation of an IP Office customer solution. In addition, the course provides the learner with the opportunity to practice installing and configuring the IP office system and to practice using the IP Office applications. 

Стоимость курса

90 000 руб

Цели курса:

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Identify the IP500v2 hardware and software components.
  • Identify configuration settings using the IP Office manager.
  • Configure settings for users, hunt groups and trunks.
  • Describe the VoIP basic functionality.
  • Identify installation requirements for IP Office applications
    • Hardware, software and licensing requirements
    • IP Office Manager application configuration settings
  • Identify the basic features of VoiceMail Pro.
Summarize the functionality of one-X® Portal.


This course is designed for Avaya Associates, Avaya Partners and Resellers with Design and Implementation responsibilities. 

От слушателя требуется

After enrollment, you will receive 3 months of unlimited access at no additional cost within Avaya web.alive™ which has 4 learning rooms of content. If you prefer another delivery method other than web.alive™ or experience bandwidth issues or issues downloading the Avaya web.alive™ client, you can take this content as a WBT using course number 4S00005W IP Office Hardware and Data Components. 

Содержание курса