Курс VMware vSphere: Skills for Storage Administrators 


Продолжительность курса

16 Академических часов

Стоимость курса

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Цели курса:

By the end of the course, you should understand storage functionality in vSphere and be able to:

  • Explain basic concepts related to virtual computing, including vSphere server and storage virtualization
  • Be a cooperative partner with vSphere administrators to design, configure, manage, and troubleshoot storage in a vSphere environment
  • Describe the trade-offs between storage design decisions
  • Plan a storage architecture that scales to the demands of a virtualized environment
  • Use the VMware vSphere Client, esxtop, resxtop, and vscsiStats to monitor storage configuration end to end from a virtual machine disk to a specific VMware® vStorage VMFS datastore


Storage administrators who support vSphere environments

От слушателя требуется

  • This course does not require prior vSphere knowledge or experience.
  • This course assumes that you have:
  • Storage administration experience
  • User-level experience with Windows or UNIX/Linux systems

Содержание курса

This course enables storage administrators to better plan and manage their storage systems to support a VMware vSphere™ environment. The course uses lecture, hands-on labs, and case studies to demonstrate vSphere interaction and operation with storage rather than to teach vSphere administration skills.